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So you've trained as an Arts Award adviser. Great! On this page you can find links to everything you need to run Arts Award successfully. 

If you're not a trained adviser yet learn more about the steps to getting started with Arts Award including deciding which levels to offer and how to arrange training.





Other useful links for advisers

  • Access Fund provides grants of between £100-£1500 to centres for Arts Award projects working with young people for whom access and inclusion is an issue
  • Arts Award Supporters are arts and cultural organisations who offer events, activities and opportunities which help young people achieve their Arts Award
  • Arts Award Voice is part of an online magazine designed to support young people to achieve their Arts Award. The Bronze, Silver and Gold Hubs offer fantastic ideas and inspiration


Top Arts Award resources

These are the top resources that you might find useful to support your Arts Award delivery, to search for more head to artsaward.zh71.cn/resources

  1. Arts Award journey posters
  2. Activity mapping documents
  3. Appropriate art forms
  4. Bronze off the shelf
  5. Portfolio building templates – Bronze
  6. Bronze, Silver and Gold hubs on Arts Award Voice
  7. Evidencing achievement
  8. Evidencing Arts Award: Young people with learning difficulties
  9. 10 steps to a successful evidence template
  10. Assessment report forms
  11. Assessment report form – step by step guide
  12. Evidence checklists
  13. Explore/Bronze/Silver/Gold moderation guide
  14. Bronze, Silver & Gold Arts Award moderation top tips
  15. Arts Award and Employability
  16. Adviser guidance - meeting young people at moderation
  17. Arts Award advocacy presentation