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Deliver Arts Award in 3 easy steps:

Knowing how to get started with Arts Award can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be! We have created a guide to help you get to your first moderation in three easy steps:





Step 1: 

Consider which level(s) your organisation would like to deliver by looking at each of our level pages and downloading our qualification specifications. You can also use our resource Arts Award levels at a glance for guidance on what's expected of young people at each level. If you need help considering how Arts Award can work then request a visit to support you with your plans. Don't forget to register with Arts Award to receive updates and news! 

Then, train as an Arts Award adviser in the level you wish to deliver.


Step 2: 

Deliver your Arts Award programme. Make use of our adviser hub for resources to support your planning or access to our range of support options like visits and surgeries. Use our five steps to moderation resource to help you work towards your first moderation.


Step 3: 

Assess log books or portfolios and book your moderation, or request certificates. Prepare for your moderation by making use of our free online resources such as top tips for moderationadviser assessment forms and evidence checklists).


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If you have any questions about getting started, or would like to chat through your plans, contact our Arts Development Manager Annabel Thomas on annabel.thomas@trinitycollege.co.uk, or call the Arts Award helpdesk on 020 7820 6178.